Sunday, May 1, 2016


Tee- Big W (old)
Shorts- Cotton On Kids
Sunnies- thanks to

I realised that the last photos of Ash on my blog he has long hair! Well we finally took the plunge and got it cut a couple of months ago just before he turned three in late March. Yes, THREE!  I love his new do, and cannot believe how handsome and grown up he looks!!!  Ash was obviously chuffed with his new look too as when I asked if I could take it photo he said "Stand here mummy?" and promptly stood in place and grinned his head off!   Now that is unusual, normally taking pics of Ash is a little more challenging with the 'fast motion' setting of the camera and my running shoes most certainly on. 

On another note, I had no idea how hard it would be to style! The first time I used wax in his hair I sent him off to childcare looking like a piedgeon had pooped in there and tried to make a nest.... :/
am improving thankfully ;)  Hats off to you mums who have got this figured out- all hints and tips welcome.

I will point out Ash's Saltwater sandals as I think they are fantastic. I have exactly the same pair so can vouch for the comfort factor.  Since we got them from Bstore in December, Ash has worn these most days over the last 5 months, and everyday during the Summer months, and they are still going strong.  Some might balk at the price tag but given how well these have worn I would definitely recommend them, great value for money!

More of Ash and our adventures over on Instragram :)