Sunday, November 1, 2015


Jamberry nail wraps have just arrived in Australia bringing us amazing nail art that you can DIY at home!  The range of gorgeous designs is mind boggling, and having had a go at applying them myself I can assure you it's easy and surprisingly quick.  Plus no worry of smudging that nail polish while its drying!! All you need to apply is a hairdryer, nail scissors and a nail file, or you can purchase a application kit (pictured) at Jamberry with everything you need.

Aside from the option to buy online, you can also host a party. Just like with Avon or Tupperware which would be a great opportunity to see the designs and have a play with some nail wraps.  All info on the Jamberry website or if you are interested in becoming a Consultant and earning some extra cash, just list Katie Howard as your sponsor.


  1. Cool :) I like this nail stickers :)

  2. Lovely post and lovely nails!

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  3. lovely!
    xoxo Sienna