Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Bamboo lazy pants- Doodlebug
Top- Bonds
Shirt- Cotton On

I realised is has been a couple of months since Ash has guess starred on my blog.  He is now 2.5 years old and just a bit of a dude don't you think! Especially in these very cool Timberland boots, how much attitude to they add to his outfit!!

I have been eyeing off these wheat colour Timberland boys boots for Ash for a while but felt I couldn't justify the cost...i.e. $150 at the store I looked at on Chapel St.  But at Get The Label the price was just too good, only $66 which makes for an incredible saving for such an iconic boot!

I can tell you Ash has been through so many cheaper shoe options from Kmart, BigW, Cotton On, etc but they really don't cut the mustard.  They wear through very quickly and I am constantly second guessing myself on the fit and whether they provide the necessary support.  With that in mind I recently had Ash properly measured and bought a pair of Clarks shoes, which became his everyday shoe.  I can tell you that those shoes cost a lot more than these boots, but the price is well worth it to have peace of mind knowing you are looking after your little ones feet.  Also now that I know Ash's foot size I have more confidence buying online, and buying online at Get The Label means you can buy well made, supportive shoes for your little one that will go the distance at a good price!

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