Friday, July 3, 2015

Smiles of Melbourne


Boots- Wittner
Shirt- Target
Aja jeans- Jeanswest
Millie bag- thanks to Louenhide
Manhattan cuff- thanks to Najo Jewellery
Sunnies- RayBan

I was so excited when Smiles of Melbourne approached me and offered to whiten my teeth.  Everyone wants a beautiful smile, including me!! Plus. I have tried pretty much every off-the-shelf option and have never been happy with the results.  Gels, mouth guards, toothpaste, whitening strips... seriously, everything!!

I also have issues with sensitive teeth, so it was so reassuring to be in the hands of a qualified and experienced dentist who knows how to really care for teeth.  But not only that, teeth whitening is the one thing Smiles of Melbourne do, and they do it really well!

The dentist spent some time with me beforehand running through the squillion questions I had, explaining how the product works and alleviating my concerns about sensitivity of my teeth.  I was actually really worried that I would't actually make it through the appointment because of sensitivity.

Then it was into the chair with an extremely attractive (not) thing putting my teeth on show, then whitening formula applied to my teeth, super cool sunnies on and the blue light set in place.  I had to 15 minute bursts of this and voila! White teeth! AND no sensitivity. None whatsoever! Such a relief.  So there you go, a brand new and beautiful white smile in a single appointment.

My white smile can be expected to last 6-12 months depending on how well I take care of it.  It can also be maintained by using off the shelf get products which is good to know.