Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Boho waves tutorial with GHD - long hair

You will notice throughout my blog that my hair is usually up in a bun, or long and out with soft waves.  My hair is naturally very straight but I really much prefer it with some loose waves.  And yes, it's very long; let's not even talk about how long it's been since I've had a hair cut, that is far too embarrassing!  Anyhoo, today I'm sharing with you how you can get this look with the limited edition ghd V rose gold styler.  

Alrighty, so here is my hair in it's natural state. I always wash my hair at night and let it dry over night.  My hair is about as low maintenance as it gets, it hasn't been dyed or coloured for many, many years (thankfully no greys yet), and I only use standard supermarket shampoo and conditioner, generally whatever is on sale.  And okay I'll fess up, it hasn't been cut for nearly two years...YIKES!

To start, pile up half your hair out of the way on top of your head.  There are a couple of sectioning clips included with the ghd V rose gold styler kit which are useful for this.  Then grab a small section of hair and holding the styler VERTICALLY grip the hair then twist the styler AWAY from your face 180 degrees. 

 Keeping the styler vertical, and the hair taught with your other hand, slide the styler down the length of your hair.  Go slower for a more dramatic curl.

Repeat, repeat, repeat gradually working your way around the bottom half of your head.  Let down the top and repeat, repeat, repeat!  Remember to always twist away from your face.

Once your whole head is done allow the hair to cool. Next brush out those curls- this is what creates the wave look.  I also like to use a texturising powder at the roots which gives some extra body and hold.

And finally my hot tip, particularly for very long hair (and not something I've seen in any other tutorials), is to twist all hair all up into bun and secure it with an elastic until it's time to head out. I personally find this makes for a more consistent wave and a smoother look.

I should add ghd have put out a whole rose gold collection, see HERE.  I'm pretty keen to check out the ghd curve classic wave wand set #getthehintdarling


  1. Love the stripy dress! xx


  2. The first and last few photos look stunning! May I ask what you used to edit?


  3. Happy New Year to you Michelle!

    Wishing you a great 2015, can't wait to read more. xox (Also, can I please have your lovely long hair?)