Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ultra Care+ Moisturising System

Lately I've been giving Ultra Care+ Mositurising System a go thanks to Nutrimetics.  It's essentially a light, oil-free serum that I've been using morning and night underneath my moisturiser.  Being in my mid-30s I'm really starting to notice the laugh lines around my eyes so am seriously looking for any help I can get in keeping my skin supple and hydrated.  Well that is exactly what this little beauty is clinically proven to do, and in turn makes the surface of the skin smoother and the appearance of fine lines diminished- yes please!


  1. hi there I was wondering if you had any free samples of this product would like to try it thanks Sharon.

    1. Hi Sharon, If you get in touch with Rosemary in the comment below she will be able to assit with free samples.

  2. Hello Michelle and Sharon,
    I have only just come across this blog post.
    If anybody would like a sample of this product or more information about Nutrimetics in general pleas contact me via my website
    or my facebook page Rosemary Ainley Nutrimetics

    Rosemary xx