Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Britax Affinity Stroller review


Recently I received the Britax Affinity Stroller to review. For this review, I thought it would be most helpful to run through putting it together, functionality and aesthetics.  If you have any questions about the stroller please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

The stroller arrived in two boxes, one big box with the base model parts and a smaller box with the colour pack parts.  Putting the base model together was as simple as opening the frame and clicking the 4 wheels in.  I actually muttered to myself several times "that's easy!" as the wheels easily clicked into place (and were just as easily removed).

The seat unit is one of my favourite features and with the click & go system is literally CLICKS into the frame facing either forwards or backwards. SO easy.  The arm bar, machine washable seat pad (fantastic!), boot cover and basket inlay are also easily fitted.  The arm bar also swings open to assist with putting bub in the stroller.

(seat unit facing both directions)
(arm bar)

Attaching the canopy from the colour pack admittedly had me baffled and I did need to call upon my husband for assistance.  I couldn't get the connector 'tongues' to face the right direction- as it turns out I was being a bit gentle and my husband was able to move the tongues and click the canopy into the stroller.

(colour pack, colour pack pieces and pieces on pram, minus hood)

So there we have it a stroller ready to go!  It probably took me an hour to put together during Ash's morning sleep.  That includes following the manual and taking photos along the way.

Well do you know what baffled me straight up. The harness!  I could not figure out how to click it back together and had to find the picture in the manual to get some guidance.  Basically the waist buckle goes through the strap buckle, and then into the main buckle if that makes sense.  It's a bit fiddly compared to what I am used to, but you do get used to it quite quickly.  All straps are adjustable, and there are three different shoulder heights.

(the puzzle for the day)

Okay, so once I got 13 month old Ash buckled in we decided to take the Britax Affinity out for a spin.  As I mentioned earlier the seat faces forwards or backwards- it's super easy to swap the seat around.  There are four seat positions from fully reclined to upright.  The footrest is also adjustable and has seven different positions.  To change the positions is quite simple but you do need both hands and to face the stroller square on.  Ash likes sitting upright and looked very comfortable in the seat.  I think the seat pad as well as the shoulder and crotch pads also made the seat extra comfy.  He was happy to remain in the pram for the entire outing without any fuss, not necessarily normal behaviour for this speedy toddler.

(seat unit positions)
(foot rest positions)

Our usual pram doesn't have an arm bar, but I think Ash really liked having this on the stroller.  It was something for him to hang onto, and also handy to attach toys to.  

The canopy has good coverage, and a stiff pull out visor is a great option to give some extra shade.  There is also a mesh section at the rear of the canopy, which would be good to give some air flow on a warm day, as well as a little clear peekaboo window so you can check on bub if they are facing forwards.
(canopy featuring pull out visor and mesh section)

Given the chilly weather we used the boot cover.  It slides over the foot rest and attaches with velcro straps to the arm bar.  There was plenty of room inside for Ash to still move his feet around and a far better option than a blanket which he would kick or throw off.

It was a rainy day so we also used the rain cover which is a perfect fit for the stroller, and slots over the seat unit easily.  Also it's quite compact, so easily stashed away when not in use.  Same with the mesh cover.
(Mesh cover, air holes in the raincover, and raincover)

The handle has seven (!) heights, again easily adjustable.  My husband is over 6 foot and found the highest height quite comfortable.

(Handle range of motion)

The back wheels are nice and big, and are also air filled which made our walk to the train station through cobble-stoned alleyways easy and far smoother for Ash than our usual pram. The big wheels also tackled curbs with ease. The wide wheel base makes this pram feel ultra stable.  

This stroller is compatible with the Britax Affinity Carry Cot (RRP $199), as well as the Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier (RRP $399), both available in all 5 colours.  I can't reiterate how easy the Click & Go system is to use which would make these accessories very worthwhile if you had the pram from newborn stage.   There is also a Britax Affinity nappy bag available in all 5 colours.

This is a biggie! Nothing worse that not being able to fold and unfold the stroller. But again I found it easy- just lock the brake and pull the release triggers on each handle and push down.  To unfold is as simple as lifting the handle until it clicks into place.  One thing to note is that you can only fold the stroller with the seat unit attached if it is facing forwards, otherwise you would have to remove the seat unit.
(Pram folded with seat unit attached)

Overall a lovely modern and minimalistic design.

A great feature of this stroller is that you can choose the frame colour- black, white or silver.  You can also choose the colour pack- black, red, brown, blue and berry.  If I had a baby girl I would have most certainly chosen the white frame and berry colour pack- SO pretty.  However I went with the white frame which is is beautiful and shiny, and the black colour pack.  Monochrome and very stylish- and of course will match any outfit ;) My husband is happiest with black too, much more understated.

The Britax Affinity doesn't fit in our car (a Suzuki SX4) unless we remove the seat unit and the rear wheels.  However, back before Ash was born it became apparent that our Suzuki has a very small boot as finding a pram that would fit in it was quite a task- the Bugaboo Bee was the only pram that I found that would actually fit without having to take the pram apart.  Dimension wise when folded, the Britax stroller is 33cm high, 60cm wide and 66cm long.  The rear wheels and seat are easily removed, however I think it would be a tad inconvenient to do this all the time, especially when juggling a baby.

Naturally, I'm going to compare this pram to the Bugaboo seeing as it's the only pram I've used.  The Bugaboo Bee is very light (7kg) and extremely maneuverable- compared to that I personally found the Brittax felt heavy (it's 11kg, which actually isn't that heavy) and wasn't as maneuverable.   But the pay off is that the Brittax is far more stable, the seat more comfortable and offers a smoother ride.

The basket is appears to be reasonable size, however it is quite shallow and doesn't fit as much as our smaller pram the Bugaboo.  In needs to be packed careful so things don't fall out.

There is no drink holder or baby tray that I could find on the Britax website that suits this model of stroller.  These would be handy.

The Britax Affinity (RRP $899) is a great stroller, its easy to use and the option of a travel system and carry cot is a real bonus.  When we are out as a family my husband does most of the pram pushing, and he also really likes this pram, so much so that he now uses in preference to our usual pram.  It's a smart and stylish stroller, as well as being durable and functional that will keep your bub comfortable from newborn, to toddler and beyond if needed.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Britax Affinity for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. What a great review! I'm sure it will be super helpful to a lot of people. :)

  2. Hi Michelle! thanks for the review, I've been waiting to read an Aussie one. I'm actually deciding between the bugaboo cameleon or affinity. What's you opinion regarding walking on bumpy footpaths, as this is ideally what' I want to do when my baby comes along. our area is a bit hilly and uneven, any opinion is greatly appreciated :) is it good over curbs?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Katie,
      Thanks so much for your comment- hopefully you can see this reply. Choosing a pram is such a tricky decision. I know I spent hours researching various prams trying to make the right choice!!

      The affinity is great along bumpy footpaths (e.g. cobblestone laneways in Melbourne), over grass and is really easy to go up and down big curbs- thanks to the big wheels. The Bugaboo Bee is NOT good over bumps and I avoid them in the Bee (it's got 4 small wheels), curbs and steps are also more challenging. I have a friend who has the Bugaboo Cameleon and loves it! It looks like a beautiful pram, however I've never tried it personally but I think given it has the same big wheels it would be great on all terrain.

      If you can have a play with both in the shop that would be ideal- try and turn sharp corners, fit through tight spaces, make sure you can collapse and pick it up easily.

      The Cameleon is a more expensive pram that this so I would say it is a better pram. I also note that it is slightly lighter. The width seems to be pretty similar.

      The Affinity is great value, and easy to use. I think it would probably offer pretty much everything the Cameleon does.

  3. Thanks for your review. Found it very useful and informative. We were looking at the strider plus system but think it too bulky and wide. It weighs 12 kg if I remember correctly. How do you find the comparison? Also, whether with this stroller or a previous one, what's your take on travel systems? Worth the money for the short amount of time used? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for my delayed reply I get to try out the travel system for this particular pram, and because I had the smallest most basic version of the Bugaboo it didn't have a travel system. But having seen friends use them they seem incredible handy but you can certainly cope without.

  4. Hi Michelle!
    The raincover comes in the stroller box? or color pack box? or it's an extra accesory?

    1. Hi Nicolodo, The raincover is part of the stroller box. Not the colour pack. Hope this helps!

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  6. Review that one in detail. Liked those features. Good machine.

  7. amazing photographs of baby with stroller and mom, thanks for sharing this.

  8. I like it's footrest is also adjustable and has seven different positions, so cool feature,love it.

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  10. Yeah! Absolutely love this stroller. It's so easy to use and folds and opens without struggle. Love that you can take the seat off and insert the infant car seat without any problems.

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