Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yes, I've gone selfie crazy (and have realised I tilt my head the same way every time :/), but I really just wanted to show off these fabulous sunglasses by, Australia's favourite sunglasses store. have a heap of on trend and classic styles all around the $15- $25 price point!!!! Here I am wearing my two most favourite classic styles- the aviator and wayfarer.  Also on my wish list is the blue silver aviators and the wayfarer 60's gold sunnies. The quality is great, and I certainly would never have guessed how low the price of these actually is.

We all need to protect our eyes from UV rays year round, and in light of this, have launched a campaign 'Keep the Shades as Summer Fades'.  All their sunnies are 100% UV protected and meet the Australian Standard for eye protection, proving that cost does not have to be a defining factor in safety. 

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