Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Frock

Shoes- Birkenstock (here)

Stripes really are such a wardrobe staple, they are so easy to wear and this 3/4 sleeve tee fits the bill perfectly.  Teamed today with some other wardrobe basics- blue jeans and Birkenstocks.  Fancy comfortable, supportive shoes being on trend!  I for one am very happy to embrace it!!

To be honest I started this outfit with heels, but the reality was that I was in my Birkenstocks for a visit with 11 month old Ash to Billy Lids indoor play centre, as well as a quick trip to Bunnings.  Not places for heels at all, and given that this blog really is about my daily outfits I decided to keep them on for my piccies; plus I really don't mind how they look at all.  What do you think of Birkenstocks?

Hair out for something different today too :)


  1. May I just say, THANK YOU for the Birkenstocks. Can't be traipsing in heels all the time and this look is fab.