Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Klara Cosmetics

How fabulous are these lip colours!  These are 'Kiss Proof Lips' lipsticks by Klara Cosmetics who claim that "no matter how much you play around, this lipstick will leave no evidence".  I decided to put this lipstick to the test.  Wearing my favourite colour, the pink in the middle, I ate an apple, had dinner, numerous glasses of water, a squillion kisses to Ashley and STILL my lipstick was in place.  This sure is one long lasting lipstick!

The second product is the 'Lash Extensions Box'.  Simply brush on the Klara Cosmetics fibres in-between coats of the mascara.  First go, I brushed the fibres on first and that didn't work at all.  Once I read the info and realised you apply the fibres in-between coats I got the voluminous yet natural lashes I was looking for.


Rhea Gupte said...

Wow! Is this for real? I am yet to find a lip color which is truly 'transfer resist' I should give this one a shot. :)

Maggie Adofo said...

Did you IG a photo of it? I really like the packaging :)

Maggie A