Friday, January 10, 2014

Target for Baby

Short sleeve stretch terry romper- $6
Surf snapshot 2 piece overalls and tee set- $25
Boys pool shorts- $7
Venice tee- $10
Christmas set- $8

My darling little boy, Ash is the star of today's blog post, and all these fabulous little outfits he is wearing are from Target!

Crawling can get those little knees pretty dirty, meal times are crazy messy, plus babies grow so quick! All this means I want something hard wearing, easy to wash, and not too precious or expensive for Ash to wear.  Target is the perfect one stop shop.  Target have such a great range of cute, seasonal and practical baby boys clothes at fantastic prices, including basic items like the little blue romper and coveralls.

And don't get me started on the baby girls wear- sooooo cute I'm sometimes tempted to dress up Ash ;P


  1. ummmm oh. my. god!!!

    that's CHEEKY smile!!!

    love it, just gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing beautiful photos of him on your bloggy and IG.


  2. Such cute outfits, especially the Santa one :)

  3. He is ADORABLE Michelle!!! He has such an expressive little face! I totally agree about Target baby clothes. I bought Target baby clothes lots for my girl and boy. You are right - the baby girls clothes are soooo cute too. Hope things are going well!

  4. Such a gorgeous little boy :)

  5. loved the outfits for the little one THanks for sharing the pics too