Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have something a little differnt from my usual blog post to share today, and that is Earthwise laundry products.  Earthwise is NZ's leading all-natural producer of powerful plant and mineral based cleaning products, and they have just landed on Australian shelves.  So wonderful for us Aussies to have access to laundry products that are environmentally kind and gentle on the skin!

All their products are phosphate, nitrate, chlorine and ammonia free. And by choosing Earthwise, you are also helping reduce the level of toxic chemicals in our waterways and oceans.

I must admit that I tend to use whatever laundry powder is on sale, cheapest or catches my eye in the supermarket but I have been very happy with the result with Earthwise products.  Our clothes, including my usually pumpkin and carrot stained baby's clothes with their dirty knees, as well as my husbands work clothes have been coming up beautifully clean.  I had a couple of pieces which I soaked over night in 1/2 a scoop before putting them in the wash as usual- the stains came right out!

The scoop is easily half the size of the regular size scoop, so the product will last you twice as long.  As Earthwise say, 37 washes for $7.99 (less than 22 cents/wash).

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  1. hmm I should try to find this! I have a couple of things that I can't seem to get the mess out of-and I love that this is environmentally friendly.


    Erin @