Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coconut Revolution

I've heard so many wonderful things about coconut oil so was excited to see what all the fuss was about thanks to Coconut Revolution.  

Coconut Revolution have a range products made with the all-natural goodness of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil.  Available exclusively online, this Australian owned brand has four ranges- Hair Revolution, Body Revolution, Skin Revolution and Dietary Revolution.  I have had a play with products from three of these ranges which I think are fabulous.

I have been slathering on generously the coconut body cream after a showering, its a lovely rich moisturising cream, almost like a body butter- so luxurious.  The Coconut Intensive Hydrating Serum is designed to balance the skin's natural oils and I've been using it of an evening underneath my night moisturiser.  And finally the Hair Serum, a nice light weight formula which I have been massaging through the ends of my (rather neglected) hair after washing.  I also love the idea that this is a natural product that is environmentally sustainable.

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  1. Coconut does such amazing things for the skin and hair. I love it.

    Maggie A