Saturday, November 2, 2013


Are these not THE cutest kids sneakers you've ever seen!!! I couldn't resist getting these DC shoes for my 7 month old son; granted he isn't quite walking yet (just starting to figure out crawling- eep!), and these are still on the large side, but I've no doubt he'll grow into them before I know it!  I think I'd like a pair of these for myself in fact ;)  And with free shipping and free returns at Surfstich I'm off to browse the womens sneakers ;)

Surfstitch also stock a great range of baby and toddler wear, so I got a cute pair of Bonds pants for Ash too.  Piccie on my Instagram if you're interested.


  1. Great shoes and your photos! I think all the children's things are fine!))

  2. So cute Michelle xo Lisa Mckenzie