Monday, October 28, 2013

David Jones High Summer - GIVEAWAY



Its hard to believe it, but Summer is just around the corner! And it's set to be a long hot one, just as well David Jones will have us covered with their latest range of swimwear and beachwear including well known brands Jets, Sunseeker, Camilla, Isola and Minkpink.  I've picked out my favourites above from the latest David Jones catgalogue which can be found in store and online.

Now to a GIVEAWAY:
WIN a $50 David Jones gift voucher
(2 up for grabs!!)

Leave a comment below telling me why you love Summer.
Don't forget to also leave a contact email address so I can get in touch if you win.

Giveaway ends midnight on 15 November 2013 and is only open to Australian residents.  Best answer wins.  Voucher for swimwear and beachwear only.  Good luck!!


  1. I love summer because it's also Christmas season! The endless sunshine and festive mood makes it nearly impossible not to be happy :)

    Thanks Michelle!

  2. I love summer because I get to wear bright colours, eat icecream, go to the beach and soak up that vitamin d - summer makes me happy!

    x Eve

  3. I am beyond excited about Summer, because Summer colours are just so vibrant and happy - there's nothing like a bright and floaty frock to put a smile on your face (that, and a colourful tropical cocktail)!

  4. This is so lovely! Thank you Michelle. I love Summer because the heat and combination of cool water, seafood and hot sand is just totally invigorating and life enriching. Made only better with a gorgeous cossie of course ;)

  5. I love summer because I can go for early morning walks and swims with my little boy at the beach, beat the heat and the crowds and be home before it gets really hot!

  6. I love summers because i can show off my amazing bikinis! And we can't forget about the walks on the beach, the feeling you get sipping a margarita in a hot day, the late night talks in the garden, the days by the pool!

  7. I love summer purely for the ability to dress simply! I silk shift dress, sandals and my MK watch is all I need- it's easy, and oh so comfy too!

  8. I love the anticipation of summer storms, feeling the heat rising from the ground and the clouds roll in... then CRASH! Everyone gets startled and unplugs their electronics and then down comes the rain to cool everything off and smell lovely steaming off the road. :)

  9. Oh and..

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  10. Summer time means family time for me which I love. Longer sunshiny days, work & school holidays all mean lots of fun times at the beach with family and friends. And after bubs the third a few months ago I'm definitely in the market for some new beach attire!

  11. I love summer because of the long, golden evenings that mean there's still time to play after the end of a long work day.

  12. The warm summer days and nights, weekend bbq's, flowers in bloom, beach visits, floral dresses and sandals.

  13. Warm summer days, twilight walks, weekend bbq's, beach visits, summer dresses and sandals.

  14. I love Summer because we celebrate both our boys' birthdays and my husband who travels a lot for work always takes time off over Summer. :) claire(dot)Mugridge(at)hotmail(dot)com

  15. I love summer because the days are longer, makes me feel more energetic!

  16. Sunny days where I can tan, listening to summery music and hanging with friends drinking mojitos

  17. ~W~arm summer evenings, relaxing outside,
    ~A~long the beach, light skimpy clothes.
    ~R~ich Christmas dinner, desserts made of peach, and…
    ~M~ost loved of all? Summer’s sweet mangoes!

  18. I love summer because days are longer, weather is warmer & more time at the beach!

    eisabainyo at

  19. I love summer because mangoes come into season, the water at the beach is warm enough to swim, the sun gives a good glow to my skin and ice-cream is always recommended.

    katrinajt90 [@] gmail [.] com

  20. I'd love 12 months of summer! Relaxed, holiday mode, fun clothes to wear, longer days. It's all good

  21. I love ice cream a whole lot, it tastes good when days are hot. On a cone or in a dish, this would be my only wish! I love the summer sun, dancing and going for a run.

  22. I love ice cream a whole lot, it tastes good when days are hot. On a cone or in a dish, this would be my only wish! I love the summer sun, dancing and going for a run.

  23. I can wear my thongs all day, every day!

  24. Sleeping with the window open. There's nothing better than drifting off to sleep with a cool breeze and being woken by the same.


  25. When Summer hits we're ready to roll,
    on a family holiday that will touch the soul.
    After checking the map, we throw it away,
    where will we be at the end of the day?
    The open road's before us - views at it's best,
    We only stop when were in need of rest.
    Maybe we'll find a quiet beachside lodge,
    soak up the sun and ignore the watch?
    We'll relax and then explore the unknown,
    and traverse a few trails long overgrown.
    Our guide is the sunlight and stars of night,
    we dream of following an eagle in flight.
    The things we see and the adventures we share,
    is what makes Summer beyond compare!

  26. A gorgeous season filled with sun
    With my family, we have so much fun
    Exploring beaches, rainforests, islands for hours
    And cooling off with waterfall showers.

  27. Ooops, email is

  28. Hate those annoying buzzing blowflies;
    And cocky budgie-smuggler clad guys:
    Dread shark-sightings at the beach;
    But what do I love...
    5pm Fridays, an icy beer within reach!

  29. Sorry, my email address is:

  30. Sorry, my email address is:

  31. To me, summer is all about warm sunshine on my toes, peeking out from bright sandals. Team them with a flirty sundress and a wide straw hat and it's a perfect day!

  32. Sizzling

  33. My favourite season is summer, my step has a spring, take the kids to the park to play on the swings, a picnic is nice to bring,
    we can play, laugh and sing.

  34. Summer = banishing winter blues and enjoying the great outdoors with my two little boys and this summer is extra special as we welcome our third and last baby into the fold! So much love and joy and sunshiny memories ahead!xx

  35. summer is just simply sexy.

  36. After the birth of my second daughter last November, I spent most of my summer indoors recovering! This year I want to get out and about! I love summer because everything is so bright, and colourful, and sunny! I live on an island, walking distance to the beach, in sunny Queensland! But I need a new swimwear wardrobe, as mine is now two years old and my body shape is completely different than it was in 2011!

  37. Sticky ice-block fingers,
    Hot sand between my toes.
    Salty, windswept hair,
    Sea breeze gently blows...

    Stress melts away,
    Waves lap on the shore.
    Like seagulls coasting high above,
    My heart begins to soar.

    charlottescotton (AT) gmail (dot) com

    thanks for the chance! :)

  38. I love it because it's NOT Winter - I'm SUCH a grouch in the cold weather and just lap up the Summer when it comes! Christmas is just the icing on a very tantalising cake which I enjoy devouring yearly... mmm, Su-mmm-er!

    scseymour (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

    thanks for the chance :)

  39. I love your David Jones giveaways! Their swimwear range is amazing too.

    My favourite things,
    that Summer brings,
    are burning sunsets, silhouette trees,
    gentle waves lapping my knees,
    irresistibly so bright,
    summer brings me much delight!

    Thanks for the chance :) x

  40. Ah I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to put my email down. It's eugie89(at)gmail(dot)com! x