Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drape cardi

Watch- thanks to Daniel Wellington
Maternity tank- Bonds

Just a quick post for you today of this fabulous drapey cardi- a great piece for pregnant ladies and nursing mums alike, especially now the weather is getting cooler.

On another note little Ashley had his 6 week vaccinations yesterday afternoon and he has been such a sad boy since, there are no sign of the smiles and baby giggles we have seen each day this week.  Breaks my heart, poor little lamb :(  

Any tips from the mums out there?

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  1. Baby panadol helps but lots of hugs and magic breast milk! The will come good :) FYI baby nurofrn after 3m is better.

  2. Oh, poor baby! The giggles and smiles will come back soon. I was once so stressed after Ava had her vaccinations, I drove myself to the Dr's thinking I was having a heart attack!! So my advice is, stay calm, all will be alright.
    And great jacket.

  3. Oh Ashley :( :( :(

    I have no tips except cuddles and cuddles and kisses... with Orlando's first round he had the runs for 3 days but was in good spirits. Second round he was fine but I was prepared for the worst with Panadol at the ready.

    I LOVE that cardi, so flattering and great for breastfeeding and hiding baby vomit!

    Can I also see I freaking LOVE your NP!!!! What colour/brand is it?!

    Hope Ashley is feeling better toot sweet!


  4. Ooh that's so sad to hear. I hope baby Ashley will get better soon :(:

    The Girl Behind The Pen

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  6. Sorry your little one is moping since his shots. Maybe he just was scared and exhausted himself afterwards? Was he crying throughout? I bet he just needs some extra cuddle time and happy distractions will fix him soon.

    I love your drape cardigan, I bet it is super comfy while still making you look elegant and put together!

  7. Poor baby bear xx Lots of mumma cuddles should help x

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  9. Hi Michelle, I've enjoyed checking your blog for about a year now, and I've always loved your sense of style and how you put affordable looks together. Congratulations on your baby, he is a cute little man. I just want to point out that your followers enjoy your style advice, rather than baby pictures and stories. I'm in my early 20s and whilst I hope to have a baby at some stage in my life, it's not something I want to think about right now. Is there perhaps a more suitable platform for you to share baby photos and ask parenting questions? I hope this hasn't offended you cos you seem like a top chick, I just wanted to offer a bit of insight into what your followers are here for. Have a good day.

  10. Got my boy's first ones next week - baby panadol is looking good to have on the handy.

    Also to anon (apologies Mich for this) - while you are very entitled to have your opinion, this IS Michelle's blog which also chronicles her life and having a baby is a huge part of that, alongside fashion. You are very welcome not to read if it doesn't interest you, skip those posts or even better, click the little cross in the corner.

    Her blog, her rules - despite what her "followers" might want.

  11. Hey Michelle,
    I remember that to - we were just starting to see a calming in the newborn crying, then BAM.. 6 week vaccinations :(

    But.. she came good again, and smiles came back. She's nearly 6 months now and it's getting more and more fun

  12. Hmm, don't think anonymous is qualified to speak for all 'followers' of this blog! Love the cardi and love the baby pictures :)

  13. Drape Cardi's are EVERYONES best friends! You dont need to be pregnant to enjoy these puppies :)

    Love your attitude to fashion Michelle, its all about having fun!