Monday, March 18, 2013


Heels- Tony Bianco (similar here and here)
Necklace- thanks to Sistaco

I know I keep banging on about pregnant lady wardrobe staples, but when you are a peculiar shape for a only a short amount of time you don't want to be splashing your cash on pieces that you will only wear once.  So here I go again with another wardrobe staple for you- black pants and a black knit!  Both pieces I know I will continue to wear post pregnancy.

These pants are actually the capri style but because I'm a shorty they finish perfectly at my ankle which I love (you can see the straight leg version on me HERE).  This boxy knit is such a beautiful fine knit and is also available in red- I changed my mind about which colour 17 times before deciding on the black.

And of course I couldn't go without a mention to this beautiful statement necklace! Sistaco have an amazing range of unique, glamourous, yet affordable jewellery and this necklace is one such piece.  I love the mix of colours.  Love this? Be sure to stay tuned because I have a giveaway just around the corner!!

38 weeks and still here- hoping bub arrives a bit early...maybe this week (fingers crossed!!)
Not because I want bub out but because I just can't wait to meet him/her :)


  1. Aww classy outfit, love the necklace and the all black outfit. xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous lady!
    LOVING the black on you, love it!

    I wish I was still pregnant, I thrived when I was pregnant. Not that I'm not thriving now, we just got home from a gorgeous Autumn walk.

    Not long to go for you now!! Savour your last delicious days of being solo and have LOTS of disco naps, coffee outings and perhaps a romantic dinner or two.


  3. Michelle, I am not pregnant but I love your style non-the-less and enjoy reading and looking and the pics on your post. I love love love your shoes and that necklace. Certainly passing on tips to my pregnant friends though and they love it.

  4. you're seriously the most stylish pregnant woman I've ever seen! love that knit x

  5. you look fabulous! absolutely love your outfit

  6. You look absolutely stunning! I never looked anywhere near as good when I was pregnant, even with loving every minute. Wishing you all the best for a quick delivery!

    xx Mandi

  7. Hi dear!! I am an italian fashion blogger!!! wanna follow each other?! I like your blog ;) xoxo

  8. you look so nice ;)

  9. You look amazing! Hang on there, I know you're super excited to give birth already :D I had a question though, aren't these heels painful?
    Anyways, love the statement necklace!


  10. So cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I like your blog alot and now I'm following via Bloglovin!

  11. You look amazing!
    you look amazing in your outfit <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  12. Damn woman, still rocking those heels! I'm impressed!

  13. You look fabulous! I love your shoes, so pretty.


  14. You look gorgeous as usual! Love how you've added a pop of colour with that beautiful statement necklace!

  15. love it!! i have pretty much the same necklace (got it from my travels in Sri lanka) and love pairing it with an all black outfit.

    Definitely can see this being worn once bubs is here!

    Almost time...! Hoping bubs comes a little early too :D

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