Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Your Sparkle On & WIN a $200 Peep Toe voucher!!


 It's time to "Get Your Sparkle On" with Appletiser's latest campaign.  Appletiser believe a woman who lives her life by her own rules shines brightest.  She is strong, in control and beautiful! As part of this project I wanted to share with you  five rules by which I live my life.  I really loved putting together this post for you, and it made me really think about my 'everyday rules'!

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And now it's over to you.  To help you get your SPARKLE on, one of you can
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Leave a comment below with what rules you live your life by.

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  1. 1. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Dream big!
    2. Be kind.
    3. If feeling self doubt or self conscious, fake it until you make it. Nothing makes me more confident than getting my hair done professionally.
    4. Creativity takes courage. Its better to be thought of as weird than living a safe & boring life.

  2. 1. The only regrets you have are the things you didn't do.

    2. You create your own luck.

    3. Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

    4. Spend each day in some happy way.

    5. Give gratitude every day.

  3. I only have one rule, and it came from my Grandmother who was religious (I am not), she believed each religion has it's on version of this rule and the world would be a better place if we all lived by it.
    Rule: Do unto others

  4. Hi Michelle thanks for the blog visit! Here are my "rules" that I try to follow. Every day is a chance for me to achieve or exceed them :)

    1.) The Golden Rule- do unto others what you want done to you.
    2.) Whatever it is you choose to do in life- do it well and with passion
    3.) Dancing and singing does wonders for a stressed out soul
    4.) Travel will always be the only thing you buy that will make you richer!
    5.) Take the time to look good-it is true, when you look good, you feel good! thereby you do others a favour by looking good! Ha!

  5. Love this post. So inspirational :)

    I'm not living in Australia, but I wish luck to everyone that is!

    The number one rule that I live my life by is: "Make sure to enjoy every single moment." It really makes you appreciate all the little things in life :)

    xoxo Alison

  6. Be adventurous.
    Learn from success and mistakes.
    Compliments are always the best gift.
    Follow your dreams.

  7. Live today like it's your last!

  8. It's simple. Life's short. Dress Pretty.

  9. Nothing endures but change :-)

    Also: When in doubt, overdress.

  10. 1. If you think someone has a cute bag, or an awesome hair-do, tell them! There's no reason to keep a compliment in your head - you could make someones day!

    2. Be happy with your life. Sure things won't be great sometimes, but chances are you have some awesome people around you, and all the opportunity in the world.

    3. Spoil yourself. Take a day off and relax, buy some cute shoes, a bag or whatever your shopping kryptonite may be!

    4. Smile. Not in a creepy way, but do it. It stands to make the worst days more bearable.


  11. Be grateful of what you have and not what you don't have,been kind to others all the time.
    I have health problems but live by the mantra there is always someone worse off,and love your family and friends and let them know it.

  12. My biggest rule is to live life with no regrets, which encompasses so many things - always make sure your loved ones know how much you love them, take risks and believe in yourself!!

  13. Love this list! Have screenshoted it all for general inspiration...

    Mantras I am attempting to live by currently are;

    Dream big kid and just be cool.

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  15. You have but one wild & precious life-live it!

    This is especially inspiring to me as a pallative care nurse-I'm only 29 but have seen how precious life is & feel honoured to be with people & their families in their last days-trust me they never tell me to spend more time accumulating money & 'stuff' but memories.
    Hardest of all was a young 30 year old man who was diagnosed with a brain tumour on his birthday & given weeks to live. He said to me 'I will die young, but...I have lived.'

  16. I always try to be a good person and rethink things and life on the occasions when I'm not.

  17. Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. Especially the evil trolls who befriend you on line merely to burn you.

  18. Don't dream your life but live your dreams....
    And I try to follow it every day ;)

  19. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
    Be there for family and friends
    Love unconditionally
    and every now again have a scotch !!!

  20. 1) Treat others how you wish to be treated

    2) lap up every ounce of sunshine and get outside

    3) Schedule some me-time every week

    4)Never stop buying clothes!! ;)

    5) take photos, capture the everyday little things, write a diary, make sure you're life is worth looking back on when your grey and wrinkly!!

  21. 1. Travel. even if that means just exploring your city, town, neighborhood.

    2. Treat your body kindly. Exercise. Eat well

    3. Have sex. I don't even need to explain the benefits of those

    4. Stay in touch with old friends.

    5. Say what's on your mind. Life's too short to be diplomatic

  22. I have loved reading everyone's comments, it actually really made me think about my own life and what is important...

    My thoughts:

    1) Be passionate about something
    2) Life is short so rack up as many experiences as you can
    3) Drink good wine all the time
    4) Love your husband/partner/boyfriend unconditionally
    5) High heels are for everyday

  23. Enjoy your food while you still have teeth.

  24. I only live by one rule and that is:
    'Always listen to your mum!'

    I'm a very indecisive person and so she gives me pointers and her perspectives on things so I can make the right decision!

  25. Never let someone put you down and say you can't do something. Instead, use that to drive you to achieve your goal.

  26. People WILL judge a book by it's cover so always leave the house wearing nice shoes and lipstick!...
    And then do your bit to care for the less fortunate.

  27. Hi Michelle! Appletiser's Contagious Agency contacted me to advise that I won this competition! I was beyond thrilled , what a way to start the year! :) Just wanted to say thank you for giving your readers opportunities to win and participate in these cool competitions. I will do a post on my Peep Toe voucher loot :)Cheers!

  28. Hi Michelle!!! I already got the gift card sent by Appletiser's PR. did a bit of shopping today too

    Thanks again for the opportunity! :)