Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vamastyle Giveaway!!

Necklace & ring- Swarovski 

I am completely obsessed with up and coming fashion label Vamastyle, so I am so excited to bring you this giveaway!   Designer & Vama Creative Director Kaitie Manani says the Vamastyle collection is inspired by endless Summer holidays and her love for all things bright and colourful.  Each garment is lovingly designed using stunning colours, eye catching prints and feminine detailing in the highest quality cotton and silk fabrics.

My outfit as pictured above
(Flirt skit in Miss Pretty and Big Nihon cami top in Chalk- both 100% silk)

(you must complete all 3 steps)
1. LIKE Vamastyle on Facebook, OR sign up to their newsletter HERE 

2. LIKE Michelle's Style File on Facebook

3. LEAVE a comment telling me WHY YOU LOVE SUMMER
include your email address so I may contact you if you win.


WINNER: Krissie of thecriminallyexpensive

p.s. I encourage you to check out the Vamastyle online store, I know you will fall in love with the Vamastyle collection.  I should add there is an AMAZING SALE on and FREE SHIPPING for the rest of January, annnnd each purchase comes with a free canvas tote bag! 
p.p.s.  The skirt and top are available in sizes S (8-10) & M (12-14).  

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  1. this outfit is so gorgeous!
    love summer because I get to come back to dubai and visit my family and friends and SHOP SHOP SHOP without uni distractions

  2. So pretty! :) Certainly looks good on you so I'm in!

    I love summer because it's the time of the year in which I am free. Summer holidays are the best thing about being a student and I get to enjoy all kinds of adventures in the company of my friends.

    Facebook: Liesbeth Van Vynckt
    e-mail: candyandtreats(@)

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Wow what a stunning outfit to win! Love those wedges too x
    I love summer because it means holidays, friends, family, camping and sun - what more could you want? xx

  4. Love the outfit.
    Liked both fb pages.
    I love summer because people are not afraid to shed those winter layers and bare their natural beauty.

  5. Wow, I'd love to win this outfit.
    I love Summer because it's a time where it calls for relaxation and it's the season where people are more effortless with their style.


  6. Looove your outfit!!!
    Done all the above..
    I love summer because I wear more coloured clothes:))

  7. Love this outfit, You look gorgeous, as always. Liked their fb page and sighed up for emails. I love summer because its mean holiday, beach, catching up with friends and most important I can show off my summer clothes lol Now fingers cross :)

  8. Oops forgot to leave my email thanx

  9. :3 LOVE the wedges. They perfectly complement the subtle traces of fuschia in the skirt!

    I love Summer because of the FASHION. Just as your outfit suggests, the fashion is fun, easy and vibrant!
    The clothes create a carefree atmosphere, enhanced by the splashes of blues and fuschia, reds and orange that people dare not wear in other months. Summer is simply and purely LOVE.


  10. Great giveaway!

    I love summer because it means pretty summer dresses and spending all day by the pool! :)

    email: mica259[at]gmail[dot]com

  11. I love summer because I'm a sunny person. I'm born in August and I live near the sea- I can't live without hot summer sun, summer night sky covered with stars, the beach and the blue sea and summer rain- warm and refreshing drops of water pouring from the sky and making you dance under them. I can't imagine my life without sun and summer. I love waking up in the morning from the warm sun rays and knowing that wonderful, sunny day is ahead of me. This make me start my day with a smile...
    Of course I like summer and because of the fashion- the lightweight fabrics, the bright colors and showing some skin :D

    My e-mail is

    P.S. I LOVE your outfit! ♥ It's amazing! And those shoes..ohh <3 I'm simply in love. (too bad they are not one of the prizes :D )

  12. I love that skirt the best out of all the outfit :) Lovely!

  13. Thanks so much for your comment- you have a beautiful blog and great style! Loving your Lookbook page too!

    Follow my LB and my blog! :D

  14. very beautiful outfit! :)

    I Love summer because it gives me the chance to frolic under the sun and enjoy the beach with my loved ones. I love it also because it means I get the chance to wear summer clothes, i.e. wide brimmed hats, summer dresses and super cute shorts! Add also the fact that summer time is school break here in the Philippines!

    thanks michelle! great style!

    love, kat

    email add:
    fb: Katrine Villanueva Suyat

  15. skirt and sandals are just way too good :)
    this is a flawless outfit :)

  16. sorry for commenting twice, just saw that this is a giveaway as well :)

    I love summer because I can wear whatever I want and I can combine different styles and just look great :)

    my email is:

  17. You look amazing dear, really love your shoes :)

  18. Love the silk clothes! And it is international, yay!
    Well I love summer because you don't have to put much on and the warm sun ofcourse who makes me less pale than I am now, in the winter (,oh yes, it is winter in Belgium!) Also summer is great for picknicks in the parc and for walks on the beach!

  19. Summer dresses and laying about on the beach! That's what summer is all about. :)

  20. Hi babe!

    Chanced upon your blog and enjoyed reading it. So inspirational. Following your blog too. Keep in touch okay.


  21. I am jealous that you have summer right now!! Way jealous... I love sumer because of picnics, walks, beaches, and fireflies... Oh and to wear cute outfits like you are wearing right now!!

  22. I've already liked you on FB and I also liked Vama (Robin Halvorson). My email address is

    I love summer for lots of sunny daylight, picnics, family get togethers, vacations, swimming, cool ice cream and the air of freedom.

    Love this skirt Michelle and crossing my fingers that I win!

  23. What a great giveaway! I liked both on facebook (Maca Barnes)

    I love summer mostly because of skirts and dresses and cuter clothes!


  24. I love summer because is the best time of the year to go to parties and go to the beach! And because we can wear more cute and practice clothes in the summer!


  25. Great outfit! In love with those fuschia wedges!!

  26. liked fb pages / ana amanti
    i love summer because it is so bright with the colors of happiness , activities , happiness , the sun , and more . also lots of different types of flora and fauna come out each season that we get to see , nature ..

    tumblemumbo at

  27. I follow your blog, we are in diferent season, but don´t mind, I will note for spring and summer
    kisses by marni

  28. Hi!!!
    first of all, I must tel you it's a an amazing giveaway!! great outfit, I'd like to have it and I'm sure i'll enjoy it :)

    I L O V E summer because of a lot of reasons, But mostly because I love gettin TAN! I am seriously addicted to it, It's s sexy and embellishing! in the winter I feel sooo pale and colorless!!

    and that's why I can't wait to the summer!!!

    my email is

    thank you, Yarden :)

  29. OMG!! I love those heels. XOXO

  30. That skirt is super-cute! I'm not entering because I don't have a FBook. :(

  31. Hi, thank you for the comment! I've been looking at some red wedges and you make me want them even more. would you like to follow each other?

  32. Umm I ADORE those whole look...especially the cute wedges!!

  33. I already 'Liked' you of course and I 'Like' Vama now too! Why do I love summer? The sun and the warm, eating outside and fun times with friends. Shame summer in Scotland only lasts 2 days - time to move to Melbourne! P.S. How long are your legs today?!x

  34. I love summer because you can dress yorself without thinking outside is too cold :)
    email address:

  35. I am loving both of you on FB. I love summer because it represent life and happiness.

    thanks for the giveaway

  36. wow in love with the collection dear love it
    name Virgit
    good luck girls

  37. I love summer because it's the most relaxed time of the year.

  38. Gorgeous, Michelle!

    I love summer because for once I'm not pasty white-I have some nice darker tan skin!


    Erin @

  39. thanck your comment love your blog :)

    follow? follow you now


  40. I'm not a huge fan of summer, but I love summer clothes!

  41. I'm absolutely dying for your shoes right now. =] <3

  42. What an awesome outfit!!! Thanks so much for this giveaway!!! I now like both pages on Facebook.

    I love summer because it always feels like there is more opportunity for fun! :)

  43. Beautiful outfit, however your wedges are 'stealing the show' I love them!!

  44. Liked Vama and you on facebook!

    I love summer because it is such a nice feeling to wake up to long days of sunshine and end the day with beautiful sunsets!

    Maybel Huang

  45. love your shoes and how they match with the skirt! summer is always my favourite time of year, it just makes me happy. :)

  46. Happy New Year!

    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway. I love summer because I love the sun and the sea. Warmth is my heaven.

    Following on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter.

    Miss Bias : )

  47. Love the outfit so gorg!!! I love summer because of all the amazing and gorgeous colours that are available in clothing, shoes and accesories. Definately my fav time of year!

    Twitter: JaneLynette

  48. Hi Michelle, just checked out the VAMA website, some very cute stuff there. Can you enter me into the competition. I love summer because you can get away with some crazy colours and have a bit of fun. email address is

  49. Love the outfit and everything in it! :)

    I definitely love summer! Aside that it is my birth month, summer is all about me, you and us. Summer is the apex of a simpler life: Slowing down, more room for wandering, family time and get-together. It is the perfect time to live each day simply :)


  50. Haha here is a random fact. I steamed, wrapped and packed that skirt and top too you when I was interning via Vamastyle's PR company ha! Looks great on you!

    Love, love, love your blog. Keep up the great work; love reading your new posts!

    Luc X

  51. That skirt is absolutely adorable!

  52. I love your blog and the posts.Your style is amazing and so is this outfit for the giveaway.I so want it ! (Greedy me :P)
    So here it is..
    Reasons i love summer..
    Summer is my first love .I am a summer person,summer is my season !
    The long summer break we get (Here,in india,it is for 2 whole months !)..The beautiful prints and dresses i get to wear,the skirts,the shorts,the tanks and everything beautiful..
    summer is beautiful,the colors it bring with itself are amazing and so easy to fall for.I love that i get to wear what i want without thinking much about the weather outside.Also,the long walks at the beaches with friends and the fun to have there.Going out with the family for get-togethers is also a reason to love it.

    Summer is the right time to sit out on your porch and simply lay there,letting the sunlight soak you.
    Sucha relaxing moment it is !

    Not to forget,the strappy footwear in all beautiful shades.
    I am a person who loves color and winter doesnt please me much.

    How could i forget!..Being a picturemaniac,i love clicking pictures and for that,i love the summer light..the natural light gives me a chance to capture the nature's grace really well!
    And it somehow even embraces my outfits :P

    While writing this,i so miss summer and the summer break,its winter here in india. :(

    Here's my

    And girl,you're amazing ;)

  53. love this outfit (and your super hot wedges too!), it's so cute and fresh!

    I love summer for the feeling it always brings - a feeling of being young, of having the freedom to do whatever you feel like, to be more daring and adventurous, and to enjoy things like warm sunshine, beaches, holidays, the sound of cicadas, and lots of bright colours!

    my email is, thanks for the opportunity to enter! :)

    B x

  54. good luck to everyone who's joining! the first photo is just phenomenal!

  55. just so pretty! (:

  56. i love it!

  57. thank you for commenting on my blog. it helped me find your blog and this giveaway.

    I like summer because life seems to get a bit easier. I'm off of school, the weather calls for lighter and brighter clothing. I can experiment more - with both clothing and life. Its the time to make things happen

  58. What a cute and girly outfit! I love it! I wish it was summer here as well... instead it's snowing outside for a third day in a roll ...

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog :)


  59. Cute outfit. I love that skirt with the heels! Love your blog!


  60. I seriously want to raid your shoe collection, and take it all home...every single pair of gorgeousness :)


  61. Gorgeous outfit, I especially love the hot pink wedges!!!


  62. Wow! I love that skirt on you... and you paired it beautifully with those shoes!

  63. did everything! i love summer because it's time i can take out for myself to really just relax and explore more about me and fashion and my love for it!

  64. amaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I have liked Vamastyle on Facebook :]

    I have liked Michelle's Style File on Facebook

    I love summer because not only do I not have classes, but I get to have mini adventures with my free time. I also have alot more time to work on DIY pieces and my blog. Plus I was born in the summer. The clothes are also a HUGE reason!

  66. I love summer because of the holidays that fall within its parameters...Memorial Day, [the beginning of summer here in the USA], Father's Day, Independence Day [USA],and lastly, Labor Day [the official ending of summer, here] Did you know ...that August [here], is the only month that doesn't have a holiday? So we invented one! it called the "Summer Lovin' Holiday"!! You MUST BE NEAR A BODY OF WATER for this celebration - [pools are acceptable]!! But a swim party with a barbecue is an explicit necessity! I LOVE SUMMER because it's HOT here in the desert, and I'm a hardcore desert rat! I LOVE 110 F degrees! [when it gets down to 80 F degrees, I have to wear a jacket!] My email address is: Love and Peace to you and yours... Cheree

  67. i love your Vama Style blog piece! and i LOVE Summer because the days are longer and warmer, fresh air through my house at night, the beach and sun, and being able to wear a dress with strappy shoes. Summer makes me feel good!

  68. You look so very pretty! Those shoes are wonderful too. And I liked them on facebook! I love summer because I love going to carnivals!

  69. That skirt is incredible!! I am enamored with it.

    I love summer because it always has an air of nostalgia. So many memories are made when the weather is balmy. All things are new. The scent in the air is intoxicating. I love the sound of children playing and bees buzzing about. Summer is the season to be happy and carefree. To let your hair blow in the wind and feel the warmth of the sun on your freckled skin. The trees and flowers never look so alive. They look as if they are singing and dancing when they sway in the breeze. Ice cream with sprinkles drip down the cone and you smile because you know the sun barely sets in summer. There is nothing like summer. Just typing this makes me long for the warmth.



  70. oh my goodness - had no clue this store existed! so many pretty things. summer is my favorite - i love being all brown sugared up and the option to wear skirts, shorts, dresses...endless options!

  71. did all of the requirements!
    I love summer because I can wear cute skirts & dresses that show off my legs (:

  72. LOVE this outfit! Especially the shoes. Super cute. Maybe I'll enter!! :)

    xox Lara of

  73. I liked both pages on Facebook :)
    I love summer because I can hang out at the beach and wear cute sun dresses!

  74. i like both fb as yuki kuran
    my fav thing about summer is shorts!
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

  75. ah such a pretty outfit *-*

    i love summer because of the salty ocean breeze, sweet ripe watermelon slices, warm sunny days, hanging out with friends, the fact that i get to bring out my sunhats, crop tops, flip flops, and bikinis, and especially because during this 3 month period, time just seems to slow down and go on for eternity while everyone has fun going on their little adventures. ^-^

  76. Oh, I want everything from this store. It's so amazing, and you look great in it!

    I love summer- because who doesn't love a season associated with holidays? While England doesn't really get the kind of weather that warrants a day by the pool, I've always been lucky enough to spend a week or two in the sun. I have the best memories ever of summer holidays. And of course, summer styles are such a breath of fresh air after all the wintery hues. Summer Rocks!!

    I completed the steps :) My email is

    Amy xxx

  77. love the outfit (: and i luve summer because i'm a short girl and in summer i can use shorts more often and i don't use it because i hace nice leg i use it because they make me look taller and i luv the summer sun and the tan..


  78. liked both fb pages :)

    I love summer because my Korean name means summer (even though I was born in spring haha)
    and I have almost 90% of my wardrobe dedicated to summer!!!

  79. thanks for the comment love, im having a kate spade giveaway too, going to have another ,come back and check it out im sure u will love it

  80. I love your shoes!!!

  81. I love summer because of all the time I get to spend at the river relaxing. Plus, the days are longer!

  82. Oh wow, they're both such gorgeous pieces!

  83. ohhhmygosh I want ittttt!! :P can I still enter if I don't like the Facebook page? I'm not allowed on atm... /: but I signed up for the newsletter!! And why I like summer?

    It's my birthday season, I go to the beach, I go to summer camp, I go on a missions trio, and there's NO SCHOOOLLL!! :D thanks for having this!! :)

  84. I love your outfit so much... <3

    I love summer because in this season I know my big love, and every scents remember me those special moments.. <3
    I'm sorry for my very bad english :P

    I'm Samantha Tedesco on FB.

    Thank you for the great chance :)

  85. Great outfit!Hope it could be mine ^^
    I love summer because it means I am in the beach. Every summer I go to Valencia with my friends and enjoy all day and all night: sun, mojitos and partys.
    Kisses from Madrid <3

    Irene Fernández

  86. O i love precious fabric like silk. And it's so pretty. I love summer to take photo in sunflower field, fresh sorbets, cute sandals, and what's prettier then a pretty dress like this one!

  87. pretty combo <3
    i just miss the summer!!

  88. hi there im having a H&M x Versace dress giveaway,come join?

  89. Omg!! I'm so in love with that shoes!! Amazing!

  90. Great photos and outfit! :)

  91. acabo de conocer tu blog. me encanta el estilo que tienes =) =) Te sigo!!

  92. your heels are amazing! such a bold and feminine color! <333


  93. Thanks for visiting my page! You have a beautiful site and look!


  94. Those shoes are to die for!!!!

    Check out our blog and do some shopping!!
    xx Julie xx

  95. This is gorgeous! Congratulations to whoever wins and I'm very glad you feature designers like this!

    I love summer because you can be free, you can be bright, colourful and have fun. I love this summer because I am finished with school and although the Melbourne weather is fairly average you can brighten up your day, maybe with this beautiful skirt and some hot pink wedges ;)

  96. What an amazing giveaway this outfit is Summer perfect.
    Why do I love Summer!! way too many reasons but mostly because I get to wear all my mini-skirts and shorts all day long...LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  97. Ahhh such an exciting giveaway!

    Summer. Why do I LOVE summer? I love summer for trillions of reasons. First of all, warm weather! I live in Chicago and its more Windy/Wintery here than warm. So I enjoy EVERY since summer/warm weather I can get. Wearing cute summer outfits, I love preparing for summer. During the winter I prepare myself with outfits for the summer by clearance shopping (I always find good deals). I feel like summer, is just a season of opportunities for me. No Stress from school and that means more opportunities to try new things! For example this past summer I got my first real job, I felt so independent I loved it! Plus summer has great weather to take pics!

    There are so many other reasons why I love summer, but for now these willl do.

    Love, Diana
    Blog: Dirty Diana's Style Blog
    Twitter: Dirty Diana's Twitter
    Tumblr: Dirty Diana's Tumblr
    Pinterest: Dirty Diana's Pinterest

  98. OMG...this outfit is devine xx
    I LOVE SUMMER...It's the time for midnight walks on the beach, sipping on cocktails by the pool, eating watermelon, wearing the most adorable colours and prints and most of all being outside all the time, it's the best & I get lots of vitamin D which makes me extra happy :)

  99. Ooops, forgot to mention my email,
    Luv Charmaine (aka Ultimate Spree) xo

  100. The skirt is cute and it looks great with your top. Beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  101. Such a pretty outfit :)
    Signed up to Vamastyle and liked on FB as TEE&FAME.

    I love Summer because it is the season when skirts get shorter, days get longer and young romance blossoms!


  102. I swear you have the best shoe collection! love these.

  103. perfect outfit for summer dear :D

  104. Georgeous skirt!!! Loving it!


  105. 1. Liked Vamastyle on FB

    2. Liked Michelle's Style File on FB

    - I adore summer because I feel free, I travel a lot, I hang out with the all the people I love.... I really enjoy it! :-)

    GFC: gaby
    FB: Gab Juk

  106. so pretty, love those shoes!

  107. Your outfit is absolutely amazing and hilarious *_*
    that's pity we can't win that That HotPink wedges O_o
    Liked and loved everything as Szabina Luzics

    I love summer because of the sun so I (rarely :/)can get tanned at least it gives me some healthy color:)
    I love late summer nights <3 those warmy ,balsamic and sparkling nights either with friends or my lovely boyfriend - always pretty memorable ones*


  108. Completed all 3 steps

    Sign up to newsletter
    Liked FB via Melvina Bellatrixx
    Comment: I love Summer because it's hot and we get to wear sun dresses. Bright colours.


  109. Steffi Santa
    I love summer because of many things; ice creams,watermelons,summer dresses,colourful outfits,straw hat,swimming,beach,and the euphoria! <3

  110. Oh my gosh count me in! The outfit is gorgeous.

    I love summer for the same reason I love the holiday season in the winter--they're something magical there waiting to happen. Summer is all about the heat, the break between the business of life during the rest of the year, and of course to wear light, pretty clothes.

  111. I love summer because I hate cold!! I need colors, swimming pools and ice cream!
    FB name: Ana Belén R M

    Ana Belén R.M

  112. Go to the beach and build a castle,
    Or you and your friend in the sand can wrassle.
    Lie on the green grass, make a chain with a daisy
    If you don't like summer you must be crazy©

  113. i just love this look! the colors are fantastic! but i want the shoes the most haha :)

    thanks for your sweet comment :)

  114. I Love Summer because I loooovee Sun!

    Oh God I just love to show some skin and receive golden skin colour back!


  115. I absolutely adore your taste in shoes! The Betts shoes are absolutely gorgeous and add the extra umph to your outfit! Keep up the good work :)

  116. This outfit looks absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for our hot Singapore weather.

    I love summer for the long days, the endless sunshine and the uplighting feeling that comes with warm weather, clear skies and the sun on your skin. I suppose that's why I love Singapore so much - summer all year round!

    Have also liked both pages :-)

    Email: littlenotebooksg(at)gmail(dot)com (keeps the spam bots away!)

  117. This outfit is stunning!
    Summer is my favourite time of the year. I get to go to Europe and have fun!

  118. I love summer,because I live in Russia and winter is too long in my country.
    When summer begins - there comes madness of colors.
    Everyone walks in bright clothes and with smiles on their faces.


  119. I love your outfits.
    The photo of you on the bench is the one I like the most.


  120. Yes!! i got to see the side view! Those shoes are soooooooooooo hawwttt