Saturday, April 30, 2011

Layered up

Thanks a bunch for all your lovely comments on my last DIY- it was a bit scary putting up something different.  Also thank you so much for voting on my jewellery design HERE.  To vote just click the LIKE button just under my design- THANKS : )

Vrrrrrrrr it's getting chilly as we head on into Autumn, the leaves are turning and the mornings are crisp. It's lovely.  My leather jacket has come out to play for the first time this year and boots are on show again too.
Jeans: Dotti, Boots: Tony Bianco, Top: Country Road, Necklace: Aldo, Jacket: Sportsgirl, Scarf: my hubby's from WitcheryMan

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY- Colour Block Bracelet

Firstly, thank you for all your ideas on how to wear the sizzling hot shoes from my last post.  I can't wait to show you what I come up with : )

Now to the DIY- I'm so excited about this post.  This is my first DIY tutorial- inspired by the current bold and brilliant colour block trend, and Proenza Schouler's designs  Hope you like it!  Here's a sneak peak of the final product...
Note: There will be a matching Part 2 very soon!!!



I started with the (free) purple cord from a shopping bag handle, a Cue bag in this case & found this $4 quirky brass latch at the hardware store. THEN pretty much,with no plan in mind, sat down at my outside table in the sunshine and had a muck around. I'm so pleased with the result : )

 1. Grab your materials!  Some cord, a clasp and whatever coloured cotton you like.
2. Put cord through the solid end of the clasp, cut to the right length for your wrist and start winding a contrasting cotton around, and around, and around.
3. When you get to the end, use a needle to thread the cotton back through the cord to hold in place.   
4. Choose a contrasting colour of cotton and at one end wind around, and around and around.
5. Once again use a needle to push the thread through the cord to hold in place.
6. REPEAT- Choose another contrasting colour of cotton and wind around, and around the other end.
7. Voila!! A colour block & Hardware bracelet:

I would love to hear how you go : )

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello lover

Check out these babies- HOT huh!  I spotted these on the Siren shoes website the second they appeared and last weekend I finally tried them on... just for fun, really... BUT these on my feet created a ripple effect through Myer as everyone in the vicinity said "YOU HAVE TO GET THEM", old ladies were stopping, children, mothers and daughters, stopping I tell you, just to say to me this is an amazing shoe are you going to buy them?  Really folks, what could I do- my hand was forced and now they are all MINE! ha ha haaaa

Any tips on how to style these? I was thinking my black Amercian Apparel double U neck dress with an oversize black blazer for starters.  But it could be fun to wear them with colour...  TELL ME, how would you wear them??
P.s.  YES totally agree that is an extremely high heel- 15cm (6 inches) in fact.


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A to Zebra

All black and white on this dreary Melbourne day, but don't worry folks... I added some funky earrings, a hippy hair-do, and even found a bright BLUE wall and a brolly to liven things up : )

And check out these shoes!!  Pony hair in a ZEBRA print! Love them to bits, especially with orange nail polish.
 And here's the BLUE wall and dump posing ; )
Jeans: Lee, Shirt: Vero Moda, Shoes: Sachi, Bracelet: Saba, Ring: RhapsodyDesign, Nail polish: Revlon- Make Mine Mango

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More about me

Hi everyone! I'm so excited- this week I reached 300 followers on Google Connect,100 on Facebook and 50 on Bloglovin'.  I appreciate your support, comments, and visits so much! THANK YOU.  I just love this world of blogging : )

Here are just some of my favourite outfits thus far:

For something different here is an INTERVIEW I did for So Stylish, a great new website which allows you to discover and share outfits.

When and why did you start blogging?
I launched my blog 1 January 2011.  Why?  Around the middle of last year I stumbled across Lucy Laucht’s blog and found it a great source of inspiration- until then I had never heard of this blogging thing!! This prompted me late last year to actually start taking photos of my outfits- I kept them on file just as a record.  So I guess blogging was then a natural progression from there, AND ... I love it!  I find it fun and inspirational.
What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I play 'fetch' with my 1 year old kitty cat Bumble Bee, and... you guessed it... I check on my blog and moderate comments received overnight.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’m not really sure how to describe my style so if anyone has any thoughts on this feel free to tell me! I would say feminine chic?? Anyone???
Do you have a favorite colour?
I do love grey, not really a colour I know and not terribly fun either.  BUT, I am loving orange this season, it adds a bit POP to any outfit.
What are the must-haves in your wardrobe?
TAN WEDGES- I am shouting this because they are such a wardrobe essential!! Other must haves includes a classic white shirt, great jeans, gold & silver hoop earrings, a great fitting blazer in any colour, white summer dress, statement high heels, versatile scarf .... I think that's it ; )
What are your favorite brands?
You could probably guess Sportsgirl by having a look at my blog- featured quite a bit!  I also love Steve Madden and Tony Bianco shoes.  Other favourite brands include Witchery, Siren, and Diva.  I’m also very excited that Zara is coming to Melbourne in about 1 month!
Can you give a stylish tip to the So Stylish community?
Turn all your hangers backwards, and as you wear each item turn the hanger back the right way. This helps me to make use of ALLL of my wardrobe.
Mac or PC? PC
Twitter or Facebook? Facebook
Heels or Flats? I’m 5’2”, it's obvious- it has got to be a heel!!
Lipstick or Lipgloss?  Always been lipgloss, but just recently I’m becoming a lipstick convertee.

How to find Michelle:


p.s. If anyone wants to join the So Stylish community, use "MichellesStyleFile" as an invitation code.  Hurry up, their is only 35 invitations. 
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Monday, April 18, 2011


This is the final blog post from hubby and my weekend away in Sydney (with carry on  luggage only- eek!).  I am sorry to say this is a HOPELESS outfit post but I hope you enjoy these pics regardless.  As you can see the shoes, blazer and scarf I mixed and matched right through the weekend (see Syyydney & Maannnly).  For pretty Sydney pics check out my Facebook page.

We caught the monorail and had dinner out in Sydney's China Town.  OH and when we got back to the motel they had left lovely chocolate dipped strawberries for us. Awwwwww!
If you would like to see some better outfit pics, the last time I wore this dress was HERE...
FYI, here's the other two weekend away outfits....
 Dress: H&M, Blazer: Cute, Scarf: Sportgirl, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Bracelet: Saba, Bag: Oroton

How to do a ridiculous big bun like HEREHERE or HERE.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Caught the ferry from Circular Quay accross the s p a r k l i n g harbour to laid back Manly & the beach!  27 degrees celcius, warm, sunny AND amazing Sydney views.  The ferry ride made my day and so did catching up with one of my dearest girlfriends from uni who I haven't seen for yonks.

Sensible shoes were the order of the day.  To see some more photos of Sydney Harbour just check out my Facebook page- HERE.
Pants: Country Road, Top: Portmans, Sunnies & Sandals: Witchery, Bag: Oroton, Scarf: Sportsgirl, Nail polish: Revlon- Make Mine Mango

How to do a ridiculous big bun like HEREHERE or HERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Caught a plane to SYDNEY for a weekend away to celebrate hubby and my 8th wedding anniversary. Eight whole years, I can't believe it; but it really is sooooo wonderful being married to my hubby : )  I only had a carry-on bag so had to be a bit clever with my packing. This post and the next two will show my weekend away outfits- the leopard print scarf was my constant companion for the weekend as you will see.

Sydney was beautiful, the weather gorgeous, the harbour s p a r k l i n g.  Do you like that- I tried to make the word 'sparkling' sparkle, not a good job ; )

COMING SOON: How to do a ridiculous big bun like HEREHERE or HERE.
Jeans: Dotti, Top: Supre, Blazer: Cue, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Scarf: Sportsgirl, Sunnies: Witchery, Bag: Oroton, Earrings: Aldo

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stacks on!

Stacks ONNN..... jewellery.  I started with a scrarf until my hubby said "not that scarf and belt thing again".  So then I whacked on every single golden Diva necklace in my possession and am wearing them allllll at once.  It is a bit heavy and I jingle jangle as I walk ; )  No stealthy business tonight!

A lovely evening and beautiful late afternoon lighting.  Wearing my fancy fluro heels, last worn at 'I've Got Wings', and headed off to the Usher concert.  Man he has nice guns!! OH and can I point out in the last pic my mate who is carrying my handbag and being a goose in the background- heh heh.  Does that happen to you to?
Jeans: Sportsgirl, Jacket: Cue, Top: Landes, Jewellery: Diva, Shoes: JLH for Siren

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jeans and tee

Plain ol' jeans and tee, with the comfiest weges EVER, silver jewellery and a ridiculous big bun : )

There's a pretty basic DIY that has snuck in here too... I just plaited some string and wrapped it around my wrist- easy!!
Jeans: Supre, Tee: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Necklace: Jewellery, Bracelet: gift, Watch: Swatch, String: Mitre10

Monday, April 4, 2011

March REwind

I cannot believe that it is April already!!  I was so oblivious that I nearly missed out on the March REwind post, but LUCKY for you that I did remember after all ; )

So what do you reckon? How did March go.... which is your favourite? Mine are 'Paperbag Pants' and 'Tutu & leOpard spOts'.

CLICK THE LINK under the pic to see the original post.

     NERD GLASSES                SPLASHES OF RED              MWAH

     PAPERBAG PANTS              LOOONG LUCH                   LOVE HEARTS & SPOTS

      SHE'S GOT WINGS              TUTU                             MOOMBA